Green Screen Studio

Put yourself virtually anywhere with our 800 square foot green screen studio.


This is an 800 square foot green screen studio with adjoining private, well appointed, video fed viewing room.

It is climate-controlled, with a pre-lit cyc wall, and 600AMP of distributed power. The rental includes a lighting package, a private make-up room, a private client area, and a craft services kitchen equipped with a full-size fridge and sink. Studio rental comes with a stage manager who will appropriately assist you on the day(s) of your shoot(s).


Our studio is equipped with a full lighting grid that ensures a well lit video when working with the green screen backdrop, and a range of equipment that will ensure you get a quality product.
Take your production to the next level with our live video streaming services from our NJ facility. Located in Paramus, NJ in the heart of the NYC Metro area, we’re here to provide you with access to all the necessary amenities for a productive and inspired production process. Our comprehensive studios can be used as an efficient office away from home. Everything you need for green screen rental in NJ is at your fingertips. Contact us or call today to get started!